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    17th November 2005

    This is it! November 17, 2005

    Here we go, I’m testing out the new program for my site. Using this software means that neither Eric nor I will have to do any work for archiving and whatnot. What it also means is that my site looks really quite generic right now, and even worse, I just entered the world of blogging. Something I didn’t really want to do, but its seems expedient, and at the moment, I could use some time saving methods. I have been spending a fair amount of time this week in correspondence with family and friends; it used to be that as I was at college, and a male, there were no expectations for me to keep people updated, but now there are many people to keep informed, and many other people that I really want to be communicating with. Maybe during and after Winter Break I will develop the habit of frequently updating this site so people can check up on me.

    Alright, here’s whats going on right now: Classes; papers for them; crazy situations with friends; snow in Grand Rapids; national cross country meet in Ohio this weekend where I will get to see Drew Wills and family – Drew is a recent paraplegic with whom I went through rehab; playing at LOFT on Sunday; giving an interview to the Reporter-Herald by phone on Monday; hopefully getting my car back finally; One Year Anniversary of the Accident (November 24); Thanksgiving – plans still unconfirmed but probably involves some writing papers; huge party at 120 Madison (where I live) on December 2; Final Exams; Reevaluation at Craig Hospital to start Winter Break; home for Winter Break; writing papers for classes I never finished last fall – these papers are due at the end of the January term; Cousin Laura’s wedding; back to school; spring semester; graduating from college come May; leaving Grand Rapids where its always winter but never Christmas…



    2 Responses to “This is it! November 17, 2005”

    1. mike says:

      well daryl, it does seem that you are doing a lot as of late eh? well i will probably just call you sometime this week anyway.

    2. Josh Leo says:

      blogging is totally worth the time and energy…Video blogging is even better 😉

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