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    12th December 2005

    Finals Week!

    It’s finals week here at Calvin College and I had the wonderful experience of writing two exams today. I have a few more this week, and then I’m driving home on Saturday with a freshman from Calvin who lives in Colorado Springs. His name is David Hartwell and I’ve never actually talked to him in person, which means we could have an interesting 18 hours this weekend.

    Last night I played at LOFT and today I went out to lunch with Chaplain Cooper and a businessman from Grand Rapids named Doug Nagle. Doug had polio when he was 19 (I think) and recovered enough to just need a cane for walking, but now he’s been in a wheelchair for 20 years I think he said. He’s one of Calvin’s more substantial supporters and just helped fund a new institute for studying Christianity around the world that will be headquartered at Calvin.

    Also from the weekend, my cousins Dave and Elizabeth – who are usually hanging around Calvin Seminary but are currently studying at a library in Emden, Germany – they received the addition to their family of a son, Zechariah Augustine Kao Holmlund. He’s an oldtestament-newtestament-chinese-american-swedish-american-kind-of-guy and he weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz.

    And I went to church at Caledonia Christian Reformed Church, home (church) of Brian Diemer, Olympian and Calvin cross country coach; but also home to the Rev. Dr. Scott Greenway, who taught a class I had my freshman year here. He came up to me after the service saying, “So the cops broke up your party, eh?…”

    I should put more interesting information on this site, but probably not until after this week, when I am home in Colorado, eating from my mother’s refrigerator and not thinking about what in the world to write on my take home exams.

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