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    28th November 2005

    Article in Reporter-Herald

    Hey y’all, there was a little article in the Loveland Reporter-Herald last weekend. I take this to be where you can find it online, though I’m not sure how long the RH keeps stuff up: I talked to the reporter last Monday, and she mostly pulled some stock quotes out – the kind of things that I say to lots of people, but thats find. I gave a rather lengthy interview to the Calvin College Chimes a couple of weaks ago, but their online archives are in a mess right now.

    I played song I wrote on Psalm 5 in chapel today. I forgot that I was playing until I rolled into the chapel five minutes before it started. No real worry to me, though I feel badly about making other people worry about whether I was going to show up, and that it would have been nice to be a little bit prepared.

    Time to get the schoolwork cranking for today.


    2 Responses to “Article in Reporter-Herald”

    1. Eric says:

      Good article dude.

    2. Jesse Ebner says:

      Hey Daryl!

      Nice article! Glad to see your site back up and that you are doing so great at school! Hopefully we can hang out when you get back for winter break and if not, I will see you at Laura’s wedding, that should be a ton of fun!

      Love ya, Jesse

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