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    30th November 2005


    This Friday, from approximately 9 pm to 1 am, there will be two DJs from Calvin, Chris Mills and Jeff McBride, spinning their best beats at our house. Anyone and everyone is invited, but leave the booze at home because our parties are drug-free alcohol-free and set-free because we love to dance, dance, dance, praising Jesus with our feet… Seriously, though, anyone checking this out who is in the area, we’re at 120 Madison Ave SE in Grand Rapids, and you should come check it out.

    Ok, so there was the article in the paper, and they wanted a picture, which I wasn’t able to get on time as all my friends with cameras were gone home for Thanksgiving. But now I have a few pictures from friends of the Wills family and I will post them as soon as I get the uploading to work on this site…

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    28th November 2005

    Article in Reporter-Herald

    Hey y’all, there was a little article in the Loveland Reporter-Herald last weekend. I take this to be where you can find it online, though I’m not sure how long the RH keeps stuff up: I talked to the reporter last Monday, and she mostly pulled some stock quotes out – the kind of things that I say to lots of people, but thats find. I gave a rather lengthy interview to the Calvin College Chimes a couple of weaks ago, but their online archives are in a mess right now.

    I played song I wrote on Psalm 5 in chapel today. I forgot that I was playing until I rolled into the chapel five minutes before it started. No real worry to me, though I feel badly about making other people worry about whether I was going to show up, and that it would have been nice to be a little bit prepared.

    Time to get the schoolwork cranking for today.


    25th November 2005

    Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

    Yo, a quick update to say that I had a much less eventful and much more enjoyable Thanksgiving than last year. Jesse Kleinjan and I went with Tyler Zwagerman to his parents house in Holland. We ate, we went to Meijer and ate gummy candies with Tyler’s sister, we went back to his house and ate more, and then we took the leftovers home. A good day.

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    21st November 2005

    Congratulations Calvin XC!

    All right, so we didn’t win this year, but 2nd place in the country, even if it is Division III, is still outstanding. And maybe the guys didn’t have the best race of the year, but it was still a good race. And for those of us who went down to Delaware, Ohio to watch the race, it was a very good time; we would have been there cheering whether Calvin was ranked no. 1 or not at all.

    It was pretty much one of the greatest possible weekends for me: I got to hang out with some of my best friends from Calvin; I got to see my best friend from high school; and my best friends from the hospital were there, too! Deleware is about four hours from Grand Rapids, so we drove down Friday and stayed with Aaron Iverson’s parents, who were incredible to allow 23 of us to sleep in their house, while their son (whom I used to live with) was all the way down in Lima, Peru.

    Before the race on Saturday, I went over to the hotel where Drew Wills and his wife Jeannie were staying. Drew is a paraplegic who was in a skiing accident last December and was at Craig Hospital with me. Their son, Stephen, runs for Williams College (in Massachusetts) and he and a teamate and the Williams girls team were all running at the meet. (His teamate, Neal Holteshulte, was the individual champion Saturday – Stephen was also an All-American, taking 30th place).

    We headed over to the meet, where I cheered on Calvin’s teams, and met up with Brett Wilson, who runs for Luther College (though he didn’t qualify for nationals, he was there cheering on a teamate). He’s heading to Argentina to study this spring, which makes me tremendously jealous.

    After the race, we went to the awards ceremony, and then I drove back to GR. Oh, by the way, I got my car back. Unfortunately, I haven’t returned my rental car yet because I killed the battery the other day – the hand control was sticking such that the brake light was on all day, and in the 25 degree cold, it completely drained the battery. This was on Friday, and then I got my car back, went to the meet, came back, and on Sunday I played at LOFT, and didn’t want to worry about that other car. Perhaps I should go do that.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    17th November 2005

    This is it! November 17, 2005

    Here we go, I’m testing out the new program for my site. Using this software means that neither Eric nor I will have to do any work for archiving and whatnot. What it also means is that my site looks really quite generic right now, and even worse, I just entered the world of blogging. Something I didn’t really want to do, but its seems expedient, and at the moment, I could use some time saving methods. I have been spending a fair amount of time this week in correspondence with family and friends; it used to be that as I was at college, and a male, there were no expectations for me to keep people updated, but now there are many people to keep informed, and many other people that I really want to be communicating with. Maybe during and after Winter Break I will develop the habit of frequently updating this site so people can check up on me.

    Alright, here’s whats going on right now: Classes; papers for them; crazy situations with friends; snow in Grand Rapids; national cross country meet in Ohio this weekend where I will get to see Drew Wills and family – Drew is a recent paraplegic with whom I went through rehab; playing at LOFT on Sunday; giving an interview to the Reporter-Herald by phone on Monday; hopefully getting my car back finally; One Year Anniversary of the Accident (November 24); Thanksgiving – plans still unconfirmed but probably involves some writing papers; huge party at 120 Madison (where I live) on December 2; Final Exams; Reevaluation at Craig Hospital to start Winter Break; home for Winter Break; writing papers for classes I never finished last fall – these papers are due at the end of the January term; Cousin Laura’s wedding; back to school; spring semester; graduating from college come May; leaving Grand Rapids where its always winter but never Christmas…



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